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The place for Superman fics

The Fortress of Solitude

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This is a community for fan fiction about Superman. All types of fics will be accepted so, please be warned. Gen, het and slash. ^_^

Right now not much info here but, I'll be working on it. ^__^ I'll try to make it look good. No icon for the community so, if anyone wants to make one y'all are welcome to it.

Also, in the info I'll be adding more. That's all I could think of right now. ^___^

List Rules: For now they are kind of basic. I apoligize now 'cause I'll probably add more later. ^__^

1) All posts need to be on topic. Basically any Superman 'verse is considered on topic. Whether it's the movies, comics, tv shows, cartoons, whatever. ^__^

2) Fics need to be labeled and y'all need to have your rating. I recomend the Fan Rating System (I'll put the cute link in later today). It's 'safer' since the MPAA has already started going after some people. ***sighs*** Not too fussy about it but, it's nice for those that read at work or in a public place. ^__^

3) Off topics are allowed but, need to be labeled. I'll delete them if not. (Sorry.)

4) Even though this is a fic community I will allow some icon posts and reviews but, if it get's too bad I'll stop it. Honestly there are other communities for those. ^__^

5) Please be nice to other list members. I do read all the posts and 'chatter' so, don't think I won't be upset it too.

6) No promo-ing without my (meninaiscrazy@yahoo.com) permission. If I agree to it then I'll let you promo. ^__^
Umm ... that's it for now. Like I said may add more later. ^_^

meninaiscrazy List mommy

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Monthly challenge involves emotions. I would like at least babbles (a hundred words or less) from them. ^__^ Also, since this is really so long I'll leave it up for two months for y'all. ^__~

(and yes, I do post the same challenges to all my groups. I'm boring. LOL)

The emotions are all gakked from Wikipedia. Here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emotions

001.Humiliation. 002.Remorse. 003.Enthusiasm.
004.Hope. 005.Rejection. 006.Love.
007.Loneliness. 008.Suffering. 009.Grief.
010.Anger. 011.Rain. 012.Frustration.
013.Gratitude. 014.Disappointment. 015.Regret.
016.Pity. 017.Anticipation. 018.Affection.
019.Lust. 020.Guilt. 021.Fanaticism.
022.Depression. 023.Anxiety. 024.Epiphany.
025.Acceptance. 026.Surprise. 027.Hate.
028.Gratification. 029.Bitterness. 030.Melancholia.
031.Limerence. 032.Ecstasy. 033.Emptiness.
034.Horror. 035.Repentance. 036.Embarrassment.
037.Homesickness. 038.Ennui. 039.Enmity.
040.Self-pity. 041.Angst. 042.Shame.
043.Ambivalence. 044.Serenity. 045.Compersion.
046.Happiness. 047.Boredom. 048.Jealousy.
049.Apathy. 050.Panic. 051.Fear.
052.Envy. 053.Confusion. 054.Disgust.
055.Doubt. 056.Shyness.

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